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tv   News4 Today  NBC  August 24, 2014 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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there now right now. >> but here in this region, not any earthquakes but a lot of cloudy skies to start off your sunday. >> that's not going to be the case all day, right. a lot of you getting your kids ready for school tomorrow. let's get your forecast for this final day of summer break. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell joins us with that, hey, chuck. >> good morning, molette and adam, good morning, everybody. the last day of summer break is going to be an improving weather picture. there are clouds to be dealt with this morning but the clouds are moving out. things are looking better by later this afternoon. this is the view from our tower cam looking northbound. this was cloud cover about an hour and a half ago. increasing amounts of blue sky means i'm optimistic. union station, old glory flapping in a breeze out there right now. the weather impact on your sunday will be a low impact for sure. not much if anything in the way of a rain threat. current temperatures if the 60s north and west of town where the
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clouds are noticeably thicker. breaks of sunshine has much of the d.c. metro up into the low 70s. taking the bike out for a ride around town, biking temperatures mid to upper 70s. don't forget to put your helmet on. back-to-school weather coming up in a few minutes. new this morning police are looking for the person who shot and killed a man in oxon hills. the deadly shooting happened just before midnight at the town homes on glass manner drive not far from the d.c. line. police checked out a call for a shooting and found a man suffering from a gunshot wound. he was pronounced dead on the scene. a man was shot in temple hills, maryland, overnight. it happened on good hope avenue and the man then ran to the metro station. you can see metro transit police and county police went there. nooeltser has released a lookout or a suspect. the man is in serious condition in the hospital right n. police say he is expected t survi. there is an emergency drill
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happening right now all focused on the h street street northeast d.c. news 4's derrick ward is live where the road is closed in both directions, derrick? good morning. >> yes, good morning. indeed, it is between 12th and 13th you're going to be diverted around but let me show you exactly why. take a look back here. you can see what they're preparing to do is use a hydraulic jack to lift the trolley up up. if you pan over here a little bit, walk over here, you see here is a mock victim. none the worse for the wear. of course this is all a drill. it's part of what they are doing to keep you safe. let's take a look at video from earlier. here's the scenario. the trolley is eastbound on h street when a car comes out of a driveway in front. that car gets t-boned and there are injuries. crews cut the roof off the car, got the mock victim out. he's been tended to. once something becomes part of our infrastructure it's
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important they practice and rehearse for the worse case scenarios hoping they never will happen but want to be prepared as we hear from a metro safety official. >> it's been a long time since there's been a street car here and so everybody needs to get familiar with it. this is a way do that. >> now this is expected to go on until about 11:00. 100 mock victims who are playing the role of passengers and spectators on this and again, at the other end of this, they'll do debriefing and again they hope they'll be prepared for something they never to use. we are live in northeast, derrick ward, news 4, back to you. >> thanks. happening today, your bus schedule could change. metro is adding longer busses and changing some of its routes. expect changes on some s routes along the 16th street corridor and on the 70 route along georgia avenue in.c metro is ainmofo busses along those routes. the longer busses will give you more room during the morning and evening rush. also today you can ride the new metro wave bus service in northern virginia.
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busses have their own dedicated lanes linking the brad doc road and crystal city metro stations on route 1. only the alexandria sectiois finished. the second phase should be completed by the spring. we're following a developing story in missouri for the fourth night crowds and protesters in ferguson have remained calm. the action there began early yesterday. the unrest started when a police officer shot and killed 18-year-old michael brown two weeks ago. he was unarmed at the time. about 500 people marched alongside captain ron johnson with the missouri highway patrol. >> in fact, there were several generations of marchers from veterans from the 1960 civil rights era to young children. parents explained to the children the importance of what was occurring. it filled my heart and inspired all of us who were involved. we spoke in one voice of free expression, tolerance and
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understanding. >> police still had to make arrests there. about six people last night. in a separate rally another group supported the officer who shot brown saying the shooting was justified. tomorrow family and friends will say a final good-bye to brown. president barack obama is sending three white house leaders to the funeral. the reverend al sharpton will deliver the eulogy. the service will happen at the friendly temple missionary church in st. louis at 11:00 a.m. we've seen these pictures of police using armored military vehicles in ferguson during the unrest. now president obama is ordering a review of the federal program that provides military equipment to local police departments. the review will look into whether the program are appropriate they will check on the training provided for using the equipment. investigators will also audit the money used to buy the military equipment. later today the naacp will hold a prayer vigil for the fa family of michael brown and the city of ferguson.
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it will happen at the montgomery county office building on maryland avenue in rockville. several gathered to demand justice in brown's death. marchers gathered at mount vernon square and marched into the streets of chinatown. >> and i'm proud to say that we all stand against police violence. we all stand against militarization of the police. >> the protesters marched twice around chinatown and ended on the steps of the national portrait gallery. they were asking for peace. 9:06. coming up a police department's explanation for mistakenly pulling over a mother and putting her in handcuffs. plus, how you can join an event marking 200 years today since one of the most recognizable landmarks in our region was destroyed. >> out with the old, how the fbi is making a major transition as it looks to catch up with the digital age. stay with us.
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if you're looking for something to do with your kids today, head to the white house. where the national park service will remember the war of 1812. 200 years ago today the british sacked the city and burned the white house. head to the ellipse south of the white house at 11:00 and 3:00 to hold a replica of the huge flag that inspired "the star-spangled ban" if you go there at 1:30 this afternoon you can talk to a park ranger, dress up like francis scott key. as the fbi decides where to put its new headquarters, another one of its offices is going digital. the agency shredded millions, yes millions, and millions, of paper files at a facility in west virginia. all of these filing cabinets had
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the files, the huge collection of fingerprints helped catch criminals but often took a long time. >> if it was an identical print, they would have the jacket pulled. they would add that information manually into the criminal history record and then prepare the responses to go out. >> now a few cards were preserved like the one for al capone. other than that, more than 30 million records and 80 million fingerprint cards were shredded. a program to help families in need buy fresh fruits and vegetables is getting attention. the program called double up food bucks. it started michigan. here's how it works. people living on food stamps can buy $40 worth of fruits and vegetables for participating farmers markets. >> the fruit, you know, faster than i can keep it in the refrigerator or on the table which isn't a bad thing. it replaces all the candy, all the chips, the pop. really is a good thing.
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oklahoma, new york, and new jersey have started similar programs. coming up, new this morning, a tropical system gaining strength and this one is one to watch as it moves north. chuck is tracking where the storm could be heading. >> chuck has the outlook as you get the kids off to the school bus stop tomorrow. his back to school and work force coming up next.
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this morning a group of police officers is remembering their chief. he was in charge of a department near san antonio and was killed by a man he pulled over. the man shot the chief in the stomach. the chief is the third police officer to die in texas this year. >> we're getting a look at a mother and her kids who were wrongly stopped by police in texas. >> come on back. >> what is wrong? >> talk to you in a minute. >> my kids. >> hold on. >> they're 6 and 8 and 10, 9, what are we doing? >> now you can hear the mother crying, telling police she just took her children to walmart to buy them slurpees. this happened two weeks ago in texas. the forney police department released the dash cam video. police handcuffed the woman and then a little boy comes out of the car with his hands in the air.
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>> come back here, son. come on back here. >> police say they were looking for four men in a beige or tan toyota going 100 miles an hour. one of the men was waving a gun. when police realized their mistake they tried to calm the family down. the officer even apologized. two people attacked a man with a machete outside baltimore. this morning we're working to find out their names. police arrested the men but have not released anything about them. the men slashed another man's arm in a grocery store parking lot on friday. he is expected to survive. we are following new developments in the israel/gaza conflict. five rockets hit israel from syria landed in the northern part of the country. no one was killed. look at that building come down. in gaza 22 people are recovering after an israeli air strike hit and demolished an apartment building yesterday. 11 of those people are children. witnesses say before the blast,
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there was a warning rocket that fired at the roof. the israeli military said it targeted that apartment because hamas was running operations inside. a tropical depression is a tropical storm headed for bahamas and growing in strength. the system was upgraded to a storm just hours ago. take a look, you can see how bad it was when it passed over puerto rico. dumped lots of rain, widespread flooding and cut power to 3,000 people. and that storm is headed up the east coast and could be setting its sights on the outer banks of north carolina and chuck is tracking it all for us. >> yeah. >> could be. >> we've got a name for this storm? >> cristobal. >> yes. >> cristobal. it's an unusual name for a tropical system but the forecast track is still a long way out but as of now, folks planning outer banks trips may need to be paying extra careful attention to this and we'll have to watch it closely too as the storm
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could potentially anyway get a little bit closer to the virginia capes by yeah labor day weekend unfortunately. outside on your sunday morning, our weather picture is an improving one for sure. we started out with a lot more clouds than this. now it's turning into a fair amount of sunshine over downtown washington. friendly fair weather cumulus clouds out there today. no chance for rain in the metro. could have a sprinkle or two in the shenandoah valley. temperatures at 73 at nashville airport. the northeast wind which normally is problematic for us from a cloud cover persptive bringing in drier air. the drier air will win but it's going to take the longest to get out to the west. reston town center still full cloud cover out there even though much of the western shore of the chesapeake bay is bathed in sunshine. fort meade 70, gaithersburg, rockville 68, 66 leesburg, 64 in winchester. your sunday afternoon looks good. partly to at times mostly cloudy skies but with more sunshine as the afternoon wears along, there is a chance for a sprinkle or
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two west of the metro. your rain chances for today. not much of a threat here in the metro and even where there's a little low chance, don't expect much of an interruption here. just that east to northeasterly wind, sometimes banks up against the front of the blue ridge and brings out a random sprinkle or two. our future weather forecast, it's trying to imply here a little hint of a shower threat, central and southern parts of the shenandoah valley that will wane with time. by later this afternoon even that will be gone. skies will clear out tonight and it will be a quiet start back to work and school tomorrow morning. storm team 4 radar no rain in our area just yet. not expecting any today. nearest rain drops to our south and even much farther to the south puerto rico. saw the video of the flooding in puerto rico. what is tropical storm cristobal has formed the center way down here on the lower parts of the caribbean. the forecast track from the national hurricane center by tuesday, about equal at the same
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latitude as miami, florida. by wednesday, off the coast of cape canaveral well off the coast, several hundred miles it looks like. things really get interesting by thursday, friday, the computer models are hinting at the right-hand turn, the right hook to take it away from here. the center line of the forecast cone is well offshore but any time you get any part of the forecast cone to touch the coastline, that means we need to watch it really, really carefully and that's what we'll be doing especially because of the timing of it. it wouldn't be able to impact the mid-atlantic until the thursday/friday time frame into labor day weekend. back to school tomorrow morning. temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. after a 64 degree start your monday planner looks good. full sunshine all the way through the day tomorrow. and if you're planning a trip down to the beach the next couple days near perfect beach weather starts today and continues all week long. so if you're not going back to school but going back to the beach, vacation well chosen.
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>> lucky you. >> yeah, indeed. i wish it was my vacation. it isn't. such is life. the only other thing 90 or higher three times a row, only three times this summer. we might have literally heat wave number four coming wednesday, thus, friday this coming week as things get back over 90 degrees for a rare treat this summer. >> good beach weather. >> yes. >> and back to school we'll take it. >> supposed to be hot when the kids go back to school. this is working out well. >> towards really hot weather. easing into it. thank you, chuck. >> this morning a new inspirational headline out of the world of little league. we were talking about mo'ne davis for quite some time. how these boys from the south side of chicago are getting the job done. >> and a man in the hospital after getting bitten by a lion. how a zoo says that whole thing happened. stay with us. hillary clinton isn't simply dipping her toes in the 2016
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presidential waters looks more like she's sizing up for a somersault. a book tour with news interviews, check, distancing herself in small or big ways from her party's unpopular president yes, heading next month to iowa which traditionally holds the first presidential nominating contest, you bet. what's significant about all of this activity democrats say is the more she walks and talks like a presidential candidate, which effectively freezes out any other democrats even contemplating a run the more difficult it becomes to turn around and say no. as one democratic strategist tells nbc news a no has to come earlier than a yes. the question is timing, of course. some democrats believe she has until next year to state she's not running. others believe it should be coming before or after the midterm elections. bottom line, democrats want a clear answer sooner rather than later.
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play ball, jackson, chicago wins the united states championship. >> how cool is that. team of little leaguers feeling like they made it to the majors this morning. >> chicago's jackie robinson west won the u.s. little league championship and is now headed to the little league world series. nbc's christian far tells us how they made it there.
9:25 am
the boys of summer walked to the little league championship in williamsport. their family and friends could not contain their excitement. >> the boys have prepared all year for this and they came out and got it done. >> it's amazing what the kids did. it's tough to beat somebody twice in a week and we proved that today. >> picked over. chicago wins the united states championship. >> reporter: in a 7 to 5 win from the team against las vegas jackie robinson west advanced to sunday's little league world series game against south korea. this was a rematch with las vegas winning the first round. >> they never hung their heads, never even showed defeat. they were anxious to play this team again and they got their shot and they did good. >> reporter: las vegas pulled out front with a three-run lead. to right field it's going to go. >> jrws answered with a two-run
9:26 am
homer. las vegas answered with a homer of their own which crushed pitcher joshua houston. >> after that home run i got scared. >> houston and his team did not give up and fought to answer that previous loss against vegas. >> i don't like losing. it's like a girl dumping you and going to your best friend. >> couldn't wait to play, though. we wanted to come out and win and that's what we did. >> they did. >> i love this. >> that's great for them. >> 9:26 on this sunday morning. coming up, chuck says we could see the clouds go away. the question is when. a look at that sunday forecast. >> the threat of a volcano putting a big football game in jeopardy. >> and a traffic alert to tell you about. the road opening that could improve your ride to work as early as tomorrow. stick around for that.
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checking some of our top storiesp. a lot to clean up in the san francisco bay area. a 6.0 earthquake rocked that area this morning. new images of damage but no major structures destroyed. napa wine country has a lot of power outages this morning. the good news, no one kuz seriously hurt. >> right now prince george's police are looking for the person who shot and killed a man in oxon hill. the deadly shooting happened just before midnight at the town homes on glass manor drive not far from the d.c. line. the man died on the scene.
9:30 am
>> emergency crews on h street northeast testing out the safety of the new d.c. streetcars. the road is shut down between 12th and 13th streets. everything should open up again by noon. >> 9:30 on this sunday morning. trying to get sunshine into the forecast here. >> let's check in with chuck. he went all the way to the front lawn, did not bring his jacket. looks sunny out there. >> all the way, a long, long way to the front yard. there is a little bit of sunshine breaking through but the skies are still technically mostly cloudy in northeast and the farther west the more cloud cover you see. a camera wide tour of proof in the pudding from our tower looking southbound. plenty of blue skies but plenty of clouds out there. that's looking south. look north up wisconsin avenue a lot more clouds across northern maryland than out on the western shore of the bay and by the time you get into prince george's county looking westbound, notice how much grayer the skies are
9:31 am
looking west and even farther out to the west, reston town center under full cloud cover. no shadows being seen out there at reston just yet as the clouds are still a lot thicker. upper 60s and low 70s for out the door weather first thing this morning. it's going to be a nice day. afternoon clearing is on the way. today's high 82. tomorrow's high 84 with near 100% sunshine. the commute in and the commute home tomorrow, both look amazing. rest of the week looks good too. more about that in a few minutes. >> all right. thank you so much. >> two big earthquakes hit overnight near a volcano that right now is starting to erupt. the earthquakes both had a magnitude over 5.0. take a look. this is the volcano. it's in southwestern iceland. scientists say soon it will fully erupt and begin spewing ash into the sky. right now planes are banned from flying within 100 miles around the volcano. in spite of the warnings the university of central florida is planning to fly past iceland for
9:32 am
a football game later this week. they'll play penn state in dublin, ireland. we confirmed overnight the ucf team plans to flies tuesday. if the volcano erupts their flight could be among thousands canceled. today we expect to learn the name of a pilot whose plane crashed in gaithersburg. he's in serious condition in the hospital right now. this happened at the montgomery county air park off woodfield road. investigators say the pilot was up in the air when he discovered a mechanical problem with the plane. he crashed on in his way back. in anne arundel county police are looking for a van the man fell out and hit his head and died. police say the man was white. -- police say the van was white. it's not clear how they know that color. todd thomas was lying in the intersection of meade village road and meade village circle. according to police no one in the neighborhood saw how it happened. investigators say it's possible the driver didn't realize thomas had fallen out of the car.
9:33 am
this morning a dad is facing charges accused of trying to steal pepco utility poles in montgomery county. police say martin frazier and his two sons broke into a construction site on research boulevard in rockville early yesterday morning. they tried to load those poles into a u-haul but the poles didn't fit. someone saw them and called 911. the poles are worth about $25,000. apparently they were planning to sell them for scrap metal. the lions may be the coolest and the scariest thing about the zoo. this morning, a zookeeper is recovering after he was bitten by one. >> at the dallas zoo. nbc's joshlin lockwood tells us why human error is to blame. >> i'm always totally shocked and worried for the employee first off. >> reporter: worried after a lion bit a zookeepers a the dallas zoo.
9:34 am
>> these are big animals. they weigh 300 plus pounds. they're powerful. if you're ever in the same space with them it can be a dangerous situation and we try to do everything we can to avoid that. >> reporter: a zookeeper didn't secure a door and the 35-year-old man was caught in the same space as a female lion. >> the lion was doing nothing but being a lion. this was a human error. an unfortunate incident. we try to do everything we can to minizehat >> reporter: the keeper suffered a bite to his shoulder and scratches on his chest. >> experienced keeper, been working with these lions since they got here over five years ago. >> reporter: the 7-year-old lioness is one of four lions at the zoo. it's not being identified but was sedated and put in a secure enclosure before being released back into the giants of the savannah exhibit. >> it was never in a public area. there was no -- any public safety issues at all. now this is the second lion incident at the dallas zoo in the last 12 months. last fall two male lions killed
9:35 am
a lioness. >> we have a traffic alert now. your trip up north may have just gotten easier. the northbound lanes of the interstate 495 bridge in wilmington, delaware r back open. the bridge spans the christian river. crews repaired the bridge back in june. several columns were tng investigators say a large dirt mound dumped next to the bridge caused that damage. and starting tomorrow, you'll have a new way to get to fort belvoir. tomorrow morning lawmakers will officially open jeff todd way which will connect telegraph road and route 1. there used to be a similar road there more than a dozen years ago. the new road should improve traffic. it will have a walking and a biking path. the road is named for jeff todd, a community leader who died in a car crash three years ago. you have new school supplies for the kids and clothes what about a hair cut? where one salon has an offer for you. >> one more thing to get ready for as the new school year gets started. we're helping you save money for
9:36 am
an extra cost that may not be on your radar right now. and we've seen tons of implosions but maybe none like this. how demolition crews got creative when they destroyed this building. you'll want to see that. stick around.
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this week's wednesday's child is a bright little girl who needs a family to help her achieve big life dreams. she's just 5 years old and wi wishes to become a princess some day. her most important goal right now is to have a family that loves her. news 4's barbara harrison has her story. >> reporter: china, hi. how are you? i'm so glad to see you, my goodness, look at you. don't you look pretty today. >> reporter: 5-year-old china came to meet me at the ritz-carlton hotel in pentagon city for a party they planned for us. >> china came to our attention in 2010. >> how old was she?
9:39 am
approximately 18 months old. >> i see a party going on over there. >> reporter: the table was set for a princess tea party. >> look at this tea party. who's herep. but we can't come dressed like this. we've got to get dressed for a party. >> you have to have your princess dress on, don't you? >> look what i found. >> wow. look at that. >> without saying a word, china was ready for whatever was planned. >> she's actually a chatter box once she gets used to you, she warms up and very open and friendly. >> reporter: china and i helped each other into our regal attire and made our grand entrance. >> welcome. princess china. >> oh, yes. >> you look fabulous. >> doesn't she look beautiful. >> she found a special friend she said she would like to take with her if she ever gets adopted. >> would you like to take her with you? . >> we're looking for a home with a parent that would love her and
9:40 am
be committed to her. >> do you have a name for her yet? >> reporter: the princess bear was china's to keep. if we can just find a wonderful home for china. a castle is not necessary. just a place where people love her. barbara harrison, news 4, for wednesday's child. >> just a darling. if you have room in your home and your heart for china, or another child waiting, call our adoption hotline. the number is 1-888-2-adopt me or search wednesday's child on 9:40. coming up a couple is celebrating a jackpot win of more than $2 million on a slot machine. how they knew which slot to play. plus, what's happening to that machine today. but first, will it be a winning forecast from chuck some. >> yes, it will. absolutely. the pressure is on. now i can't make you actually like the weather, but i think that you're going to be more happy than sad with the way your
9:41 am
sunday is shaping up. the winning forecast just ahead.
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are you ready? the day is nearly here. back to school. lots of your kids will be heading back tomorrow, first day for d.c. schools and montgomery county, frederick, howard, allegheny and ann arundel county school begins first through sixth and ninth grade and then the rest of the anne arundel
9:44 am
students start tuesday and the first day for prince george's in maryland and page county in virginia. there will be a test after this to make sure you got all of that. the start of the school year means the start of stuff like sports and band. >> it adds up, all of the extracurricular activities hit you in the pocketbook and angie goff does have options to help you save money. >> reporter: back to school means back to the mall but there are ways to save. trey from says parents will pay to make sure their kids are prepared. >> we found that consumers plan to spend on average about $263 per child this year. >> reporter: but that doesn't include all the extras. take your mark, go. >> reporter: $400 a year will go to extracurricular activities like sport, band and other clubs. you can limit that by helping your child select one or maybe two afterschool activities they
9:45 am
prefer or find a which for your child to chip in. >> instead of bringing the car to the car wash maybe your child washes the car and you pay them and that goes towards that activity you weren't planning for. >> reporter: save if you can wait. college students can get a deal on textbooks a week after classes start. some students will drop a course after the first class and sell their books to another student at a lower price. when it comes to fashion, hold off on that as well. teens will often change their style once they see what everybody else is wearing. but if a certain look is required, you can't wait. >> if you have a child that's entering school and need a uniform that's something you really can't play around with and need to get that in advance. if there are other things and extras i would wait until after school starts and take advantage of those aggressive discounts. >> reporter: angie goff, news 4. >> good options. back-to-school discount you can get today as long as your kid is between 5 and 18, hair cuts are free at the alex continder de p
9:46 am
spa. the spa is asking for donations, though, because all of the money they raise will go to locks of love. donate your lock, chuck some. >> well if anyone wants gray hair i can donate a little here and there off the side. i don't think anybody wants that. >> we just want good sunshine today and make sure the kids transition tomorrow is nice. >> she knows that. you're trying to get me sidetracked. >> i have to get us back on track. >> right. >> she knows. all anyone cares about is a sunshine finish to your weekend after what was a rather gloomy and rain filled saturday. already things are looking better now than they did a day ago in our weather picture will continue to get better as the day goes along. the sunshine out, we have an east wind and that typically means cloud cover around here. yesterday was so cloudy, that even an east wind will probably make for more sunshine today than what we saw yesterday afternoon. there's the sky over reagan national airport where the
9:47 am
temperatures sits at 73 degrees, northeast wind at 8 miles per hour, east to northeast winds are usually problematic. like i said the air off the water is actually a little drier than the air mass we had in place. hopefully that will spell a lot more sunshine by later on today. it could be a long struggle uphill for our friends and neighbors in the higher terrain to get to the sunshine. mid to upper 60s now in the shenandoah valley. front royal 68, luray at 70 degrees, 72 in fredericksburg. hourly temperatures today most neighborhoods in and around the immediate metro will at least touch 80 degrees for a short time. most of the day long spent in the mid to upper 70s. perfect day for baseball. 1:35 first pitch between the giants and the nationals. a mix of clouds and sunshine but no threat for rain at today's baseball game. temperatures will rise all the way to the last out. future weather forecast around here today, here's the reason i think there could be a random sprinkle or two.
9:48 am
page and shenandoah, rap han knock, mid to late sprinkle chance. won't add up to much and won't last long. skies clear out set the stage for a beautiful morning tomorrow morning 50s and 60s to get you out the door tomorrow morning. perfect weather to go back to school. out to dinner tonight temperatures mid to upper 70s for outdoor dining. sun not down until ten minutes before 8:00. set the reservation for your outdoor table as early as you can. otherwise it will be taken from you. outside no rain for us just yet. no rain near much of the mid-atlantic. keeping an eye on cristobal which has formed down here in the western parts of the atlantic basin and as a result national hurricane center keeping a close eye on this over the coming days. it is forecast to become a hurricane as we get to the tuesday, wednesday time frame. not a major hurricane but hurricane nonetheless. forecast eventually makes the
9:49 am
right-hand turn and stay away from the coast. an awfully close call to labor day weekend. we will follow that closely and keep you posted as it examines along. bus stop weather tomorrow morning, temperatures in the 60s. good dry weather. remember everybody, be careful for the kids at the bus stops tomorrow morning. leave a little extra room and blinking red lights on the bus mean stop, not just go on by. there's your forecast for tomorrow, sunshine and beautiful weather comes in tomorrow and guess what, everybody, we get to keep it all the way through the upcoming week indeed. sunshine tomorrow. sunshine tuesday. wednesday, thursday as well. getting a little warm around here. we've been 90 or higher three times in a row, only three times all summer. this could be the fourth time this week because it's back to school week and that's when it gets hot. >> but they will need a little jacket maybe in the morning at the bus stop, maybe. >> oh. >> only for the delicate flowers. >> feel like it's cool at 60 degrees.
9:50 am
maybe. >> you're a mom, i will defer to you. >> i would probably give a little jacket. >> thanks, chuck. this morning a couple from new hampshire celebrating a big vegas win. this duo won a whopping $2.4 million at the legendary lions share slot machine at the mgm grand. for the past 20 years, the lions share hasn't paid out. the lucky winners only played 5 minutes when they hit the jackpot. >> like any good american i'm going to give a big chunk of it to uncle sam and after that is done, we've been blessed in our lives. i don't know that our lifestyle will change much but i've got two children and five grandchildren and they will certainly benefit from it. >> you will have a lot of new friends too. >> you can buy more of those shirts. >> i know. i love the shirt. >> the machine will now be retired. the casino was waiting for someone to hit the jackpot so it can replace that machine.
9:51 am
>> check this out, a building in new york state is in rubble this morning, but it went down in style. this was a plmos demolition crews started with fireworks and used colorful smoke to spell out their agency's initials and then really lit it up. listen to the show. wow. down the building went. the whole thing took only about a minute and a half. it took crews three weeks to set everything up just the way they wanted there. if you took that much time to put into that building destruction it better have gone the way you wanted. >> the best looking implosion i've ever seen. >> something else that's taking a lot of planning a busy weekend for seth meyers as he preps for tomorrow's big night. >> it will be his first time ever hosting the prime time emmys.
9:52 am
hear how he got the news and how he compares it to hosting his late night show. to prove a point about internet speeds, we slowed down an up escalator. why is this thing so slow? it's not moving like i don't get it, this one is working? can you move please? look how fast they're going
9:53 am
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9:54 am
there's seth. the emmys on nbc tomorrow and we're getting excited for the big night. >> we are. this guy, seth meyers, is going to be hosting the show for the first time. nbc's jackie sat down with him to learn how he's getting ready. >> all right. first off congratulations.
9:55 am
>> thank you. >> on getting to host the emmys. >> it's very exciting. >> you get the call. seth meyers, you're hosting the emmys. >> may have been a text. >> a text. >> yeah. >> what is your first reaction. >> to want to do it. i've been at the emmys and think hosting will be a lot of fun. if you're not going to watch the emmys you don't have to tell me that. >> what do you think is going to be the biggest difference between hosting "late night" and doing the emmys. >> host "late night" every night. if something goes wrong we'll get them tomorrow. if something goes wrong at the emmys we're not doing the next day emmys. >> that's where you have to overprepare. >> something funny like the 2014 the year of the movie star, tv no longer a vast waste land. it's true. matthew is up for an emmy. >> a lot of faces of celebrities in the audience. >> make you more nervous, even bigger stars there? >> now that we talk about it, sure. >> any final thoughts? >> i was happy with the nominations and hope the people
9:56 am
that call up and ask for favors are kind enough to grant them for us. >> i can't believe you found out you were hosting the emmys via text. >> it might not have been text. >> get your story straight. >> lorne yelled through my door. >> you got it. >> i never met lorne michaels but i imagine that's what he says. >> he says kid all the time. >> i think he's going to be great. the special emmys coverage before tomorrow's show still watch news 4 at 6:00 p.m. and nightly news at 6:30 our coverage at 7:00 on nbc 4. as we speak roads are shut down, police are in place and rescuers are on the scene. but all of this just a drill. the training happening right now. plus how long you'll want to avoid it. >> new images to show you from the strong earthquake that rocked california this morning. we're back in a moment.
9:57 am
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new this morning we just learned at least 70 people hurt when a strong earthquake rocked the san francisco bay area this morning. these are new pictures of the damage at a church in vallejo. >> the magnitude 6.0 earthquake hit before 6:30 our time. the strongest quake to shake that region in 25 years. we're getting reports of damage to buildings, homes and widespread power outages there. pretty incredible stuff out of
10:00 am
california right now. that earthquake sits on the franklin fault which has been dormant for more than 1 million years. >> we haven't heard how those folks got hurt but the story is still developing and we'll continue to follow the latest developments. go to for updates all throughout the day. >> that's right. right now, in the district h street northeast is shut down for this. a drill. crews can practice what to do in the event of an emergency on new d.c. streetcars. >> derrick ward is live there right now to tell us how this can help you. derrick, good morning. >> good morning. we're live here again in the 1200 block of h street. you can see h street is almost clear, almost as if it never happened. it never really did in a live sense. the trolley is out of here but see that car over there, that was part of the disaster drill. here is the scenario. the streetcar eastbound on h street and a car pulls out in


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